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Products of the Month

Live-Wall Speakers FLOW ArchiTECH Speakers Immersa Wall Panel


Live-Wall Speakers
Live-Wall's compact invisible speaker gives integrators a nimble, durable and more affordable option for just about any wall or ceiling application while retaining the magic of invisibility.

FLOW ArchiTECH Speakers
The FLOW ArchiTECH speakers are produced utilizing the finest components to deliver uncompromising sound quality. Flow Architech's ongoing research has led to the creation of speakers that value aesthetics and stands out from traditional speakers.

Acoustic Treatment for High Performance Spaces
The Immersa Wall Panel does what few other treatments do, actually "fit the form of their purpose."

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Symbiant Estate

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In your perfect world, nothing is second best; so in your perfect, only Symbiant will do. We are the standard for fully integrated estate automation.

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Immersa Home Cinema

A perfect home is a haven. And for a select few, the perfect home is also a gateway to another world.

We call that gateway Immersa. Click here.