Media Sync

In home entertainment,  perfect sound balance, effortless control, and carefully crafted lighting that sets the mood at the touch of a button is the ideal. The newest addition to Bri-Tech’s suite of home automation tech products is Media Sync.

Media Sync enables users to go from room to room in their homes, and never encounter the media lag that causes televisions tuned to the same channel to display shows out of sync, causing an “echo” effect between rooms.

The new tech by the home automation and home theater company, is  a matter of convenience for every member of the family.  For example if you’re watching TV in the kitchen, while you’re cooking, and your guests are watching the game in another room. With Media Sync, you won’t have to hear the cheers for a touchdown from the den before you get to see it in the kitchen.

Other products in the Bri-Tech technology line include Symbiant Home Automation and the Immersa Home Cinema.