Bosch B Series

When you need the most advanced control panel available, Bosch B Series makes it simple.

B Series from Bosch is the most advanced control panel available for small to mid-sized applications. But it's more than just intrusion–the panel easily combines with re, access control, IP video, and smart home automation to deliver an integrated solution that increases security and reduces complexity.

The control panels are as adaptable as they are powerful. You can split the system into as many as six areas with a total of 96 points (inputs), and arm perimeters or interiors independently. To improve ease of use, con gure the keypads to operate all areas or just a single area. Remotely program custom text on each keypad—choose from English, Spanish, French, or Portuguese—reducing costly service calls. The control panels provide increased protection and cost savings with special point types for monitoring safety, environmental, and high-security items.