Bri-Tech is elated to be sponsoring Season 2 of LONG ISLAND STAGE. LONG ISLAND STAGE is a project that aims to help Long Island artists get the exposure they deserve. We bring artists into our studios for high quality audio and video recording, live virtual performance and now, live concerts at no cost to the artists. We bring together musicians who have spent decades contributing to the music and performance community as well as the up and coming creators of the future. Our role is to help them share and record their stories. LONG ISLAND STAGE shows brings together diverse artists and audiences to highlight the body of talented creators that continues to thrive on Long Island.

Our Season 2 is brought to you in partnership with The Suffolk Theater in Riverhead. Season 2 shows will be both on stage and streamed live on Thursday March 2nd, 9th, and 16th 2023. Video productions can be prohibitively expensive, which is why we are excited to provide free HD audio and video recording to each of our performers.  The art-deco jewel box theater with its remarkable acoustics is sure to enhance the impeccable performance from the artists for a memorable viewing experience. Join us in person or online for our shows as we continue to grow LONG ISLAND STAGE!

Bayport-Blue Point Library

Bri-Tech is proud to have provided most of the technological infrastructure for the newly constructed Bayport-Blue Point Library. The technology framework covers their life and safety systems, intrusion protection, communications, and network infrastructure. Bri-Tech’s team installed technology to protect against intruders as well as monitor smoke, CO detectors, and sprinkler systems. Additionally, the building is outfitted with a public address system with automated messaging for closing. The Wi-Fi for the building is built on a fiber optic backbone that runs underground to connect the building. Bri-tech’s audio-video division also provided the meeting and conferencing technology that enables their meeting rooms.

We also want to recognize Roger Smith and BBS Architects as well as Vito Cudia Jr. and VSC Electric. Without their remarkable work, none of this would have been possible. An additional thank you to Mike Firestone, the director of the Bayport-Blue Point Library, for all of his feedback and for permitting us to film this video.

Access Control

Access control systems allow authorized employees and visitors to enter certain areas of your business, while keeping unauthorized individuals out. Not only are Bri-Tech integrated systems highly resilient and always alert, they are also easy-to-use and easily accessible. Bri-Tech’s access control systems provide the security you need, no matter what business you’re in.

Bri-Tech offers:

  • Biometric systems
  • Swipe key cards for specific buildings and areas
  • Security systems for large facilities and multiple sites
  • Keypads

Returning to Work

As more of us return to work and many remain working virtually, reliance on effective one-touch-join conference rooms has increased. Complicated and convoluted conference systems can hinder an efficient meeting or conference, making it more difficult to connect with employees still working/attending virtually.

Bri-Tech specializes in installing easy to use or “one-touch-join” conference systems along with other smart room technology making virtual meetings, presentations and scheduling simple and effective. Call and see how easy adapting to our current work climate can be. 631-563-8000

Network Piece of Mind

Today’s computer networks require support, firmware, updates and patches for vulnerability. Active monitoring of performance and security has become an essential service. We are now wrapping service plans with network monitoring, security and AV health checks to ensure piece of mind and performance.

Call to learn more – 631-563-8000

Black Nova Keypads and Control Panels

Black Nova provides minimalist keypad designs that can complement any modern design. Black Nova keypads allow you to control your entire home through a touch of a button, or a voice command. You can design your own personal keypads with special icons and text so that they are easy as possible for you to use. In addition, you have options of the best glass materials to create the smooth minimalist design the Black Nova offers. Bri-Tech loves to install Black Nova keypads in modern homes to fit into the interior design of each specific home.

We understand that your desires are based on change. From time of day to the whims of your every mood, Bri-Tech lighting control uses the latest technologies to ensure the choice is always your own. A main part of Bri-Tech’s mission is to bring you the best and brightest products. The small details are even more important the the larger ones, because these are the aspects that complete your aesthetic. We also want to provide the ultimate user experience, so the combination of icons and text make the easiest of controls. Remove the clutter off of your walls and integrate it into one of the super Black Nova keypads. These keypads control everything in your home, including lighting, climate, music, and shading control.

Lighting Keypads and Systems for Your Home

Is your home a maze of light switches? Do you keep constantly forgetting what each switch controls? Lighting controls make your life much easier by integrating all parts of your home, and allowing you to have the control of your entire home at your fingertips. Whether it’s lighting keypads on your wall, or an app on your phone, you can keep your entire home lit the exact way you want it. For example, with a push of a button, you can set each room to specific lighting levels for night time. Lutron and Crestron do a great job at providing quality lighting keypads with customizable engravings, allowing them to fit perfectly into your home.

Energy-saving systems give you the ability to adjust the amount of daylight and electric light in a single room. Furthermore, you can control the light and temperature throughout your whole home. The system also turns off standby power to small appliances when they’re not in use. Instantly set the mood with controls all at the touch of a button. You can make a reception area feel more inviting, an outdoor area feel safer, or a living room feel cozier. Crestron can connect commercial or residential lighting systems to provide greater control and lower energy usage. Whether it’s for a meeting room, a home, or an entire campus, you are in full control!

Check out Bri-Tech’s residential lighting control options on our website for more!

Emphasizing the Importance of Home Security Automation

Security and home automation products manage household safety, reduce energy consumption, and provide seamless entertainment options, with a line of scalable options that fit every income level and lifestyle. More advanced technology systems are still easy to use! Whether you are locking your garage, or checking your video cameras, you can control your automation devices from the comfort of your phone. Leviton systems may be installed in new or existing structures, and offer control through your smart phone or tablet.

Home security is more important today than ever. In New York, there has been a significant increase in crime since the reopening of the state post-COVID-19. According to a CNN article, “It’s not just US cities seeing a rise in murders. ‘This is an American problem,’ said Jeff Asher, a Louisiana-based data analyst for AH Datalytics. He tracks murder rates in 72 cities and has seen a rise almost everywhere.” Installing up to date home security technology should be a priority for your home. Almost 50% of homes burglarized do not have a security system, and according to the FBI, 83% of potential burglars check for security systems in the homes they plan on targeting.

Bri-Tech Solutions

Bri-Tech installs the best home security technology to ensure your home is safe. Bri-Tech’s technicians are trained to install the best systems to fit specifically into your home. The most important part of our business is keeping you and your loved ones safe. Bri-Tech installs luxury security features for those who know that security is a necessity. From Bosch to Honeywell, we only trust the most premium brands to protect our clients.

The Necessity of Efficient Fire Alarm Systems

Ineffective fire alarm systems can have major negative impacts on your business’s workplace environment. False alarms waste your assets and your employee’s time. However, this inefficiency is not even the worst part. These false alarms can desensitize your employees and cause them to not react when there is an actual danger. Obviously, you would not put the safety of your family in the hands of someone you do not trust. Why would you protect your business’s assets with a fire alarm system that you do not trust? In essence, there is no longer any call for cheap and faulty fire alarms.

Bri-Tech’s Emphasis on Quality Alarms

Bri-Tech ensures that your business and its assets will be protected by superior fire alarm systems, and are always installed by professionals. With Bosch fire alarm systems and Bri-Tech installation, you can feel completely safe knowing your business is protected. Due to our design staff and CAD drafting, we are able to take the weight off of your shoulders and do one hundred percent of the job. Many clients have told us they appreciate Bri-Tech’s start-to-finish responsibility and turnkey service.

Get Used to Virtual Events Continuing in the Future

As more and more people become vaccinated for COVID-19 and restrictions on public gatherings start to be lifted, obviously people are going to want to do everything in person this summer. Many people are going to want to take advantage of finally being able to meet face to face. It would be reasonable to think that this would mean virtual events and sites such as Zoom would become irrelevant. However, the accessibility and ease that virtual gatherings offer will soon become very noticeable as difficulties arise with in-person meetings.

An example of a town board can be used to explain the superior accessibility of virtual conferencing. Before COVID-19 caused the entire United States to quarantine, this board would have in person meetings. For multiple weeks, they tried to change the bylaws of their group, but were always unsuccessful due to the lack of members at the meetings to vote. Then, when everything went online, the town board’s virtual events had hundreds of participants! They were easily able to vote on and discuss important matters with this level of participation. According to MinuteSolutions, virtual events are much more efficient than in person meetings. “Virtual interaction has become so commonplace in the past year for both the personal and business realms that online work meetings now tend to cut right to the chase.” People can now join these meetings, conduct their business, and then spend time with their families.

Tips on how to make your Zoom meetings more efficient

There are some keyboard shortcuts you can take to make your life easier when running Zoom meetings. Here are three different tips to improve your virtual experiences!

  1. To record your meetings, press Command+Shift+R (On a PC, press alt+R).
  2. To share your screen with your participants, press Command+Shift+S (PC, press Alt+Shift+S)
  3. Finally, to mute everyone in your meeting at the same time press Command+Control+M (PC, press Alt+M)

Schedule your next virtual event!

Check out Inspirence Studios, a division of Bri-Tech. With our superior technology, service, and sets, you can impress your business peers at your next corporate event. Do not wait until everyone else moves back into this market. Be a first mover and maintain your advantage over your competition!

The Potential of Technology with a Human Touch

It is easy enough to be a technology company and provide general solutions to general problems. Different from the rest, Bri-Tech goes above and beyond by providing specific solutions for each of our clients. At Bri-Tech, we believe that to unleash the potential of technology, it requires a human touch to fully understand and execute a user’s vision. In fact, all Bri-Tech employees believe in this and use their skills to cater to each client.

No matter what the industry is, every company needs a key component that separates them from their competition. For example, Wayfair is one of the largest online sellers of home goods and furniture. The way Wayfair differentiated itself from a powerhouse like Amazon was by “taking its own pictures of and measurements for the furniture and home furnishings that it sold. This additional detail helped consumers visualize the home decor they were planning, and it helped Wayfair to differentiate itself and get traction.” This worked for Wayfair because they offer only 14 million products for sale. Wayfair has less products, however, they are able to make each order more personable.

Client Testimonial

“I just wanted to send a note of thanks for getting our projector up and running for the Super Bowl. Gary was thoughtful and thorough in his approach to identifying and correcting the problem… What could have been a hatchet job with holes in the basement ceiling and costly taping/painting was avoided with Gary’s expertise…. No one would have known he was there and the projector is running well. By now, you know us and the importance we place on punctuality and delivering what is expected. Gary came through on both counts. He arrived from Long Island at 8:24AM for the 8:30AM appointment and solved the problem in the easiest and most effective way possible. Thanks again for your help.”

Bri-Tech’s Promise

At Bri-Tech, we want to unleash the potential of your technology with a human touch. This means we make all of our services personalized to your desires. In addition, we pride ourselves in giving our clients an exceptional experience. Not only will we provide you with superior technological solutions, but we will do it with the personalization that only Bri-Tech can provide. Bri-Tech’s commitment to customer service is like no other, especially when it makes our clients’ visions come to life.

Tech Update: Leviton Smart Panels

This is the future of power distribution. Smart breakers tell you how much electricity they are using and if they trip. We believe these home automation devices will be in the majority of homes within the next couple of years. Another great feature of the Smart panels is the ability to access and control them from your cellular device! With Bri-Tech’s help, you can maintain your home even when you’re away! These Leviton smart panels were made to fit into what any type of person would need for their home. Not only are they safe for the environment and your home, they will also look good! For more like this, our residential page will have the perfect products for you.

How to Modernize TV Integration

So you’ve create a beautiful living space, but don’t want to see a black glass rectangle on the wall when you not watching. Bri-Tech’s TV Integration technology allows you to put it away with a motorized lift. The options are many, whether it is a wall or cabinet, floor, ceiling even under your bed! We offer the best options of Samsung TV’s and other fantastic electronics companies televisions, whether it is indoor or outdoor. You can find the best package for you at Bri-Tech’s residential home theater page.

Acoustic Solutions – Del Vino Vineyards

Providing Technological Solutions with a Human Touch

Del Vino is a new Vineyard in Northport, NY that gained much fanfare and praise for the design and level of construction detail. Their grounds, exterior design and interior design are of the highest level. However, the interior was reverberant and bright, making it difficult to hear when crowds or live musicians were present. Rather than leaving this be, as most hospitality environments do, the owners sought a solution and were referred to Bri-Tech. With 30 years of experience, our company has learned to provide acoustic solutions by bridging the gap between sound and aesthetic. The challenge was to reduce the acoustic issues without deadening the room.

We pride ourselves in being reliable, responsive, and resourceful. Our team listened to what the owners wanted to do and provided them with a solution that fit their goals. Any technology company can fix sound problems, but Bri-Tech has the skills and knowledge to do so while maintaining the aesthetic that Del Vino has captured in their vineyard.

Bri-Tech selected a percentage of space to be covered by a specific type of sound panel. The Client provided silk fabric to wrap these sound panels and custom fit into the coffers to appear like they were always there. Bri-Tech’s engineering shop designed and fabricated 3D modeled transitions to allow the recessed down light and sprinklers to fit properly.

During a post-installation interview, owner Frank Ghecite noted that the solution worked great! His clients have told him that they noticed a substantial difference; even with live music and a crowd, you can still have a conversation. Check out this video to see how Bri-Tech’s acoustic solutions turn out in Del Vino Vineyard!

Gadgets vs Engineered Solutions

There are more ways to turn on a light bulb now than ever. First, the pull-chain switch, next the wall button, then the toggle, the clapper, and now motion detection, via cellphone and voice. The control options are growing, and not just for lights, thermostats, shades and door locks. They all have their own apps. These standalone items are great, especially if you have a family member who is willing to play the role of tech support. The dilemma is that for these devices to work properly lots of details need to be attended to. Configuration of your router may be one of them.

Most web devices make things easy by connecting to the manufacturer and configuring themselves. Here lies the issue. Every device that connects to the internet is an open door to your network and a potential security risk. There are numerous recent hacks that use back doors of internet connected devices. Manufacturers offer security patches, but few people, even the techies do firmware upgrades on these simple devices. Most of these devices are inexpensive and have only a few years of expected life before they need to be replaced, reconfigured, and relearned, all while new security risks arise.

Engineered Solutions are very different. They are designed for reliability and security and are managed by professionals who install upgrades and security patches as needed. Better systems use a virtual network, which hides all of the devices from the outside world, by using a firewall to allow only a single point of access.