The Smart Home Gets Even Smarter

by LANA BORTOLOT on SEPTEMBER 20th, 2023, Southforker

If you ask Brian McAuliff,  CEO and founder of Bri-Tech, a home-technology design firm that works throughout Long Island, homes are not only getting smarter, they’re on the verge of genius, becoming more responsive to owner needs. 

No longer relying on seasonal infrastructure, summer homes are being built and upgraded at a higher level, McAuliff says.

“We’re seeing bigger home generators, more robust internet connectivity with more than one point of access. We’re installing a higher level of enterprise or commercial grade equipment — almost a professional network.”


McAuliff says owner occupancy into the winter holiday season or year round has caused technology upgrades in entertainment, too.

“We’re seeing an increase in entertainment equipment; more media rooms with surround sounds,” he says. But specifically, he notes a trend in immersive home cinemas — dedicated space themed aesthetically to feel the like a private cinema. His firm has been installing amped-up sound systems: 13 channels is now more typical than the five-channel system of yore. And coupled with the ability to download cinema-quality films from a server, homeowners can create a superior cinema experience in their own home, without the sticky theater floors.

“People have more appreciation of sound quality and they don’t want to go back to a movie theater,” he says. 

In tandem with such upgrades are upgrades in security, something McAuliff says used to be an afterthought. “Now clients are very eager to have more robust security” that is not satisfied by a cloud-based application he says. He’s been installing commercial-grade systems for people who want to protect valuables as well as those who “just want to know if someone is walking around on their property when they’re not home.”

In the future, McAuliff says you’ll be hearing more about wellness-driven technology such as responsive lighting and the ability to individualize air quality and temperature. And, his firm will be ready: “We are concierge technology designers,” he says. 

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