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Get Used to Virtual Events Continuing in the Future

As more and more people become vaccinated for COVID-19 and restrictions on public gatherings start to be lifted, obviously people are going to want to do everything in person this summer. Many people are going to want to take advantage of finally being able to meet face to face. It would be reasonable to think… Read more »

The Potential of Technology with a Human Touch

It is easy enough to be a technology company and provide general solutions to general problems. Different from the rest, Bri-Tech goes above and beyond by providing specific solutions for each of our clients. At Bri-Tech, we believe that to unleash the potential of technology, it requires a human touch to fully understand and execute… Read more »

Acoustic Solutions – Del Vino Vineyards

Providing Technological Solutions with a Human Touch Del Vino is a new Vineyard in Northport, NY that gained much fanfare and praise for the design and level of construction detail. Their grounds, exterior design and interior design are of the highest level. However, the interior was reverberant and bright, making it difficult to hear when… Read more »