Get Used to Virtual Events Continuing in the Future

As more and more people become vaccinated for COVID-19 and restrictions on public gatherings start to be lifted, obviously people are going to want to do everything in person this summer. Many people are going to want to take advantage of finally being able to meet face to face. It would be reasonable to think that this would mean virtual events and sites such as Zoom would become irrelevant. However, the accessibility and ease that virtual gatherings offer will soon become very noticeable as difficulties arise with in-person meetings.

An example of a town board can be used to explain the superior accessibility of virtual conferencing. Before COVID-19 caused the entire United States to quarantine, this board would have in person meetings. For multiple weeks, they tried to change the bylaws of their group, but were always unsuccessful due to the lack of members at the meetings to vote. Then, when everything went online, the town board’s virtual events had hundreds of participants! They were easily able to vote on and discuss important matters with this level of participation. According to MinuteSolutions, virtual events are much more efficient than in person meetings. “Virtual interaction has become so commonplace in the past year for both the personal and business realms that online work meetings now tend to cut right to the chase.” People can now join these meetings, conduct their business, and then spend time with their families.

Tips on how to make your Zoom meetings more efficient

There are some keyboard shortcuts you can take to make your life easier when running Zoom meetings. Here are three different tips to improve your virtual experiences!

  1. To record your meetings, press Command+Shift+R (On a PC, press alt+R).
  2. To share your screen with your participants, press Command+Shift+S (PC, press Alt+Shift+S)
  3. Finally, to mute everyone in your meeting at the same time press Command+Control+M (PC, press Alt+M)

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