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Acoustic paneling is one of the most useful acoustic control options that can help your business. It can provide increased audio clarity in numerous environments. Oftentimes panels are used in conferencing spaces to ensure clear discussions, but they can be equally if not more important for businesses with crowded spaces like a restaurant. Let’s take a look at our short case study on Del Vino Vineyards.

When we first evaluated their property there was a noticeable echo in the space. With a full house, their stereo system was drowned out by all the commotion. This was even a larger issue when they had live music. People struggled to have a conversation and if they did it came at the cost of drowning out the live music performance.

So what was our solution? We used acoustic panel inserts in their conference ceiling which was able to neutralize the echo. The paneling was integrated seamlessly into the space so it matched and enhanced the environment. It was a pleasure to work with the Giachetti Family and deliver the finely tuned experience they desired.

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