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The Smart Home Gets Even Smarter

by LANA BORTOLOT on SEPTEMBER 20th, 2023, Southforker If you ask Brian McAuliff,  CEO and founder of Bri-Tech, a home-technology design firm that works throughout Long Island, homes are not only getting smarter, they’re on the verge of genius, becoming more responsive to owner needs.  No longer relying on seasonal infrastructure, summer homes are being built and upgraded at a… Read more »

Bri-Tech Welcomes Lula Lukas – Creative Director and an Era of Evolution

Bohemia, New York, August 22, 2023 – The rapid expansion of Bri-Tech, a pioneer in cutting-edge technology integration, is not only transforming the landscape of luxury living on Long Island’s East End but also reshaping industry dynamics. As demand rises for upscale home automation solutions, immersive home theaters, and advanced security and life safety services,… Read more »

Acoustic Solutions – Acoustic Paneling

Acoustic paneling is one of the most useful acoustic control options that can help your business. It can provide increased audio clarity in numerous environments. Oftentimes panels are used in conferencing spaces to ensure clear discussions, but they can be equally if not more important for businesses with crowded spaces like a restaurant. Let’s take… Read more »

Premier Smart EV Charging

The growth of electric vehicles (EVs) in the U.S. has been rapid. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Electric car sales have increased from 0.2 percent in 2011 to 4.6 percent in 2021, that’s an increase of 2400%! So, even if you don’t have one it’s likely you know someone who does. With… Read more »


Bri-Tech is elated to be sponsoring Season 2 of LONG ISLAND STAGE. LONG ISLAND STAGE is a project that aims to help Long Island artists get the exposure they deserve. We bring artists into our studios for high quality audio and video recording, live virtual performance and now, live concerts at no cost to the… Read more »

Bayport-Blue Point Library

Bri-Tech is proud to have provided most of the technological infrastructure for the newly constructed Bayport-Blue Point Library. The technology framework covers their life and safety systems, intrusion protection, communications, and network infrastructure. Bri-Tech’s team installed technology to protect against intruders as well as monitor smoke, CO detectors, and sprinkler systems. Additionally, the building is… Read more »

Access Control

Access control systems allow authorized employees and visitors to enter certain areas of your business, while keeping unauthorized individuals out. Not only are Bri-Tech integrated systems highly resilient and always alert, they are also easy-to-use and easily accessible. Bri-Tech’s access control systems provide the security you need, no matter what business you’re in. Bri-Tech offers:… Read more »

Returning to Work

As more of us return to work and many remain working virtually, reliance on effective one-touch-join conference rooms has increased. Complicated and convoluted conference systems can hinder an efficient meeting or conference, making it more difficult to connect with employees still working/attending virtually. Bri-Tech specializes in installing easy to use or “one-touch-join” conference systems along… Read more »

Network Piece of Mind

Today’s computer networks require support, firmware, updates and patches for vulnerability. Active monitoring of performance and security has become an essential service. We are now wrapping service plans with network monitoring, security and AV health checks to ensure piece of mind and performance. Call to learn more – 631-563-8000

Black Nova Keypads and Control Panels

Black Nova provides minimalist keypad designs that can complement any modern design. Black Nova keypads allow you to control your entire home through a touch of a button, or a voice command. You can design your own personal keypads with special icons and text so that they are easy as possible for you to use…. Read more »

Lighting Keypads and Systems for Your Home

Is your home a maze of light switches? Do you keep constantly forgetting what each switch controls? Lighting controls make your life much easier by integrating all parts of your home, and allowing you to have the control of your entire home at your fingertips. Whether it’s lighting keypads on your wall, or an app… Read more »

The Potential of Technology with a Human Touch

It is easy enough to be a technology company and provide general solutions to general problems. Different from the rest, Bri-Tech goes above and beyond by providing specific solutions for each of our clients. At Bri-Tech, we believe that to unleash the potential of technology, it requires a human touch to fully understand and execute… Read more »

How to Modernize TV Integration

So you’ve create a beautiful living space, but don’t want to see a black glass rectangle on the wall when you not watching. Bri-Tech’s TV Integration technology allows you to put it away with a motorized lift. The options are many, whether it is a wall or cabinet, floor, ceiling even under your bed! We… Read more »