Stay Safe and Comfortable With Smart Home Automation


The spring is here, and the weather is changing. You may be spending the coming months outside enjoying the beautiful Hamptons atmosphere, but that doesn’t mean your home shouldn’t be comfortable. Smart home automation is the perfect solution for simple climate control. Whether you want your spaces to automatically adjust to your liking, or you want a system that protects you from potentially harmful environmental hazards, integrated technology can help. Read on to learn more.

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Climate Control

One of the simplest ways to stay comfortable in your home is to have an efficient heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system installed. Your HVAC system should not only keep the temperature agreeable, but it can also save you energy.

Imagine: when you hop out of bed into the cold morning air, what’s the first thing you do? Mostlikely, you change the temperature. With an integrated HVAC system, just press a button on your smartphone or tablet that adjusts the thermostat remotely. Smart technology means that you have instant remote control over your home’s settings. It also means the connected devices in your house can learn and adapt to your lifestyle.

A smart thermostat can remember your exact comfort settings and adjust automatically. Want to wake up to a warm bedroom? After your system learns your habits, you can let the system do the work for you. Do you lower the temperature before you leave in the morning? The system can remember that as well, and take one more thing off of your mind.

Staying Safe

Of course, and HVAC system can do more than just keep you comfortable – it can also keep you safe. Environmental monitors can detect when there are harmful gasses in the air and flush out the toxic fumes instantaneously.

For instance, when you’re cooking a big family dinner on Sunday night, you have a lot on your mind. If you misread the recipe, you could easily overcook items in the oven. This can lead to a smoky kitchen space. But when your HVAC system detects the smoke, it can automatically react to dispose of the potentially harmful substance and prevent your kitchen from smelling like burnt dinner.

Plus, an HVAC system can be indispensable in an area like a garage. It’s no secret that car fumes can be very hazardous, so a system that detects problems before they occur is very beneficial. Whether you’re a motorhead working on your dream car or you simply want to keep track of the occurrences in your garage with push notifications delivered to your smartphone, environmental sensors can help protect your spaces.

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The Details Can Get Confusing. This Guide Will Help.


Many Greenwich Village homeowners contemplating their first home theater installation can quickly get lost in the confusion of the seemingly endless technologies and acronyms involved with the process. But the Immersa experience should make your life simpler, not more complicated. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you understand some of the things to pay attention to when choosing a video display. Read on to learn more about how 4K UHD can completely change the way you look at your home theater.

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Ultra-High Definition

What is Ultra High Definition and why does it matter? It’s a common question from many of our clients. Plenty of people still remember purchasing their last major TV or projector upgrade, when 1080p HD came on the market just a few years ago. Well, UHD offers nearly four times the resolution of the now standard HD, meaning your images are clearer and more detailed than ever before.

High Dynamic Range

One of the more compelling reasons to upgrade to Ultra HD is high dynamic range (HDR). UHD refers to the number of pixels, sort of like a high thread count sheet. It’s more densely packed, and, therefore higher quality.

HDR, however, is like the material used in each thread. It refers to the gradients of visible color between the blackest black and the whitest white. With a greater visible dynamic range, the colors in the display have a greater detail. The result is a display that looks more like a window than a digital image.

High Frame Rate

Similarly to HDR, high frame rate (HFR) is an essential part of a modern home theater’s video display. If you want action and movement that is as crisp-looking as a still life painting, you’re going to want the benefits of HFR compatibility.

Why is that important? The frame rate is all about motion. And if you’re a big fan of sports, like the upcoming MLB season or the NBA finals, you’ll need a display that can keep up.

Typically, a movie is shot and played back at 24 frames per second (fps). That’s part of what makes a film look cinematic. Alternately, sports tend to be shot and broadcast in 60 fps, because detail is pivotal and capturing motion is essential. HFR allows for even higher frame rates to be shot and played back, making the moving image much clearer.

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Help Your Hospitality Spaces Grow With a Building Automation System

Estate Automation

Streamline Service, Empower Guests and Make Your Manhattan Hotel Memorable

Making guests feel at home when they’re staying in your Manhattan hotel is essential to creating a memorable experience – one that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. But keeping guests comfortable is about more than just waiting on them hand-and-foot; you have to also empower them to take their comfort into their hands from time to time. The simplest way to this is with a building automation system. By putting user-friendly, intuitive control into your guest’s hands, you make their stay even more special, and you gain the ability to streamline service, monitor energy and protect your spaces to boot. Read on to find out more.

Save Energy in Guestrooms

According to a Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey, 50% of the electricity used in hospitality and lodging spaces in the US comes from lighting and cooling. Guestroom automation solutions as simple as adding dimmers to each room can begin saving your business money – Lutron claims they can save up to 9% on energy costs – and a combination of solutions can save even more.

Simple, unobtrusive control panels can be added to the walls of your guestrooms for easy access to the light and HVAC systems. Smart shading controls can be installed as a simple solution for preventing heat gain based energy loss. And one-touch controls can be programmed to allow your guests to shut off everything as they leave while occupancy sensors can act as a back-up for preventing energy misuse. Moreover, you can enhance the guest experience even more by controlling lights, shades and HVAC systems remotely with pre-programmed “welcome” settings.

Leave a Lasting Impression

As smart technology begins to dominate our daily lives, in the form of smartphones, tablets and connected devices, potential guests begin to look for the same in lodging and hospitality services. In a survey conducted by, the newly viable millennial market craves personalized service more than ever before. The technology in your spaces will help your hotel stand out.

Along with lighting, shading and HVAC, guests crave the feeling of safety in their spaces. Leave a lasting impression by allowing them to access their rooms with smart locks, or control electronic devices like safes with the touch of a button.

Smart locks are becoming essential for modern hotel rooms. Not only do they work to keep the room secure, but they also record the usage of the lock, like how long a tampered-with door has been open, to make gathering info easier if anything goes wrong.

Moreover, one –touch controls of the room safe will provide convenience to your guests while personalizing access for a more customizable experience. The results are a happier, safer stay and a more satisfied customer.

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Stay Safer With Smart Technology

High End Home Security System

What’s the difference between a house and a home? One is just a building, the other is a unique place that reflects your family’s lifestyle. And because it’s more than just a building, you’ll want to keep it safe from any possible harm. Bri-Tech can tailor home a security system for your residence in the Hamptons that is as unique as you are, meaning you have complete control over who gets in to your spaces. More than just a few surveillance cameras and flood lights, today’s security solutions are designed to keep you safe and fit into your lifestyle. Read on to find out more.

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Spruce up Your Surveillance

While it’s not the only way to keep your home safe, surveillance cameras are still an effective means of keeping an eye on your home at all times. Modern cameras are discreet, functional and able to stream HD footage to you wherever you are in the world.

Many homeowners are hesitant about surveillance cameras because they fear heavy wiring and construction will be necessary for installation. It’s true that plenty of CE professionals prefer the reliability of a hardwired system, but there are great wireless IP cameras available as well.

IP cameras use your existing internet connection to store footage wirelessly on a server, which can be either onsite or off. You can even utilize the cloud for extra storage space. When you need to access the footage, past or present, you can stream it directly to your smartphone. That way, you’re always aware of what’s going on at home.

Biometrics: A Personalized Key

For hundreds of years, the lock-and-key system has remained relatively static. Sure, key designs have gotten more complex, and locks have become smaller and stronger, but the basic principles remain. But now it’s time to upgrade your door locks with a key that’s literally as unique as your fingerprint: biometrics.

Biometric entry systems use your fingerprint to unlock your doors, creating a one-of-a-kind code for your home. Grant access to each member of your family, so no one has to worry about forgetting keys or locking themselves out ever again.

But nothing is foolproof, so our biometric entry systems has some failsafe features. Remote access on your smartphone or tablet will allow you to lock or unlock the doors from anywhere in the world. Personalized entry codes can be programmed into your system, as a way to track who’s coming and going at all times. If the housekeeper needs to get in while you’re out, give her a personal code and receive a notification when she uses it.

Plus, your biometric entry system ties into your alarm and smart home systems, for added security. If tampering is suspected, the alarm will go off and a signal will be sent to the authorities. Your smart home system can react by opening or closing window shades, locking down all other doors and flooding your home with light.

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Media Sync

In home entertainment,  perfect sound balance, effortless control, and carefully crafted lighting that sets the mood at the touch of a button is the ideal. The newest addition to Bri-Tech’s suite of home automation tech products is Media Sync.

Media Sync enables users to go from room to room in their homes, and never encounter the media lag that causes televisions tuned to the same channel to display shows out of sync, causing an “echo” effect between rooms.

The new tech by the home automation and home theater company, is  a matter of convenience for every member of the family.  For example if you’re watching TV in the kitchen, while you’re cooking, and your guests are watching the game in another room. With Media Sync, you won’t have to hear the cheers for a touchdown from the den before you get to see it in the kitchen.

Other products in the Bri-Tech technology line include Symbiant Home Automation and the Immersa Home Cinema.

What Can a Smart Home System Do For You?


Get the Most out of the Integrated Technology in Your Greenwich Village Home

At this point, it’s not a question of whether you should upgrade your Greenwich Village property with a smart home system, but when. There’s no denying that integrating the technology in your spaces does more than just a few nifty tricks. It increases your safety, entertainment and the day-to-day functions of your home. But when taking the first steps into the world of home automation, or when considering an upgrade to a more advanced system, it’s important to consider the actual applications of the technology, rather than just the novelty. In this blog, we’ll take you through some of the more practical aspects of our systems so can make an informed decision before you buy.

The Symbiant Difference

Before getting into the details, it’s important to define the terms; in this case, Symbiant. While not as well-known as some smart automation systems, Symbiant delivers more to your spaces. Powered by Crestron, our system takes into consideration the human side of home automation. How will it look, feel and be used throughout your daily life? We provide multiple control devices – including in-wall touch panels, dedicated remotes and mobile device apps–each equippedwith custom, touch screeninterfaces that you can control with simple gestures. Plus, our Symbiant Towers do away with the black boxes that plague so many smart home systems, with stylish, elegant and accessible installations for instant access.

Entry Systems Keep You Safe

The benefits of your smart home automation system begin before you even walk through the door. Whether you’re miles away on vacation, around the corner at the office or even chilling out on the couch, an automated entry system keeps your property protected with ease. Receive alerts directly to your smartphone or tablet when someone approaches the gate, and view who is at the door via a smart doorbell. Once confirmed, you can easily use a touch panel or smartphone to unlock the door to allow access. And when you leave the house or go to bed at night, a single button can lower shades and lights, turn off all components and lock all of the doors.

Smart LightingKeeps You Stylish

While it may seem obvious, lighting is one of the most important aspects of any home. However, there’s a tendency for rooms to get cluttered with freestanding lamps or on-wall lighting fixtures, especially in larger spaces. But as fashions change and technology develops, there becomes less need for the kind of wall acne that disrupts the flow of your meticulously crafted interior design. Recessed lighting not only frees up your walls and ceilings from clutter, but when combined with a smart lighting control system, it can actually create a brighter, subtler scheme that helps you see without drenching your rooms will illumination. A Symbiant system makes it simple to raise and lower lights at will, plus it gives you the option of quickly programming scenes – repeatable lighting designs – for any occasion.

Distributed Audio Keeps You Smiling

Bigger spaces require more work, not just in terms of maintenance, but in terms of functioning as a home. A simple way to add a sense of welcoming warmth to your home is to play the right kind of music. Whole home audio systems can be integrated into your spaces, with either recessed or in-wall speakers, to lend a homey quality that you can’t see, but you’ll certainly hear. In addition, you can tie your audio system in with your smart lighting and automated entry system to begin playing as soon as you walk through the door.

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Get Your Immersa Home Theater Experience Started Right With These Basics

Home Theater Installation Long Island

It’s that time again: the air is colder, the days are shorter and everyone throughout Manhattan, is in a gift-giving spirit. And what’s a better gift for the film buff in your family than a customized home theater installation? Our Immersa home theaters are designed to be the perfect escape for every movie lover at any time of year, and they’re completely tailored to reflect your individuality. But there are some aspects of an installation that are simply essential for getting full enjoyment out of your experience. This blog will take you through some of the home theater basics.

Seating is Key

One of the most frequently overlooked aspects of a successful home theater installation is the seating. In fact, it should be one of the first decisions made. Both the placement and the style of the seating can greatly affect the look and feel of your movie-watching experience.

Plenty of homeowners opt for a big comfy couch – a great choice for bringing the family together. But if you want the best performance out of your Immersa home theater, you’ll need comfortable, customized theater seating. Not only are theater chairs designed ergonomically for comfort, but they are also designed to enhance your listening experience.

Where you place the seating determines how big the screen can be, and where to place the speaker components for optimized sound. Making these decisions early is important for the best picture and sound quality.

4K is No Longer the Wave of the Future

For a few years we’ve been hearing the same thing: 4K is the wave of the future. Well, that’s no longer true. Ultra HD is here, and if you want the best look in your home theater, you’ll want to have a crisp-looking 4K projector.

Take for instance Sony’s latest–the VPL-VW520ES. Not only does it offer pristine 4K picture, but it’s also the world’s first high dynamic range-capable projector. HDR is a relatively new format that enhances the range of visible colors in a digital image, adding a previously unseen level of detail. It’s the next step in image quality, and when 4K Blu-rays hit the shelves early next year, your home theater will be ready.

Get Lost in Immersive Audio

Even if your theater has the most advanced image capabilities, it won’t feel like a real private cinema without a quality immersive audio system.

Immersive audio, also known as 3D audio, is a completely new way to listen to your favorite movies. Formats like Dolby Atmos are already used in movie productions and commercial theaters, so why not have that same level of sonic sophistication in your home?

Atmos almost totally overhauled the way movie soundtracks are mixed and played back. By isolating sound objects (that’s each sound you hear) and arranging them throughout a scene in a realistic way, sound is now able to move in front of, behind and even above you. This creates a three-dimensional soundscape around the viewer, leading to a whole new listening experience.

Smart Lighting is a Bright Idea

In most cases, the darker the theater, the better the image. Today, modern technology like high-contrast screens and ultra-bright projectors mean your theater doesn’t have to be pitch black to enjoy a movie, but lighting control is still essential.

Imagine being able to lower the lights, turn up the sound and start a movie with the touch of a button. That’s completely possible in an Immersa home theater. And if anyone wants to get up and fix a drink at the bar, you have complete control over individual lighting zones, so you can light their way without disrupting the movie.

Plus, you can add in-floor lighting along the ground to help guide you to your seat, and LED backlighting for a splash of color that doesn’t diminish the picture.

If you want to get the full Immersa experience from your Manhattan home theater installation, contact us today!

Netray, Bri-Tech’s Digital Surveillance System

Camera systems have become a necessary security measure for every commercial building and high end homes. Choosing the right camera for a specific view, adaptable to bright sun light and night scenes takes know-how. Additionally there are recording formats, frame rates and dozens of other details that are required to make sure the video is useable. Netray represents the summary of all the experience our engineers have learned after more than 25 years in electronic security.

The Netray platform is constantly updated so you can be sure you are getting the leading edge components without the risk of investing in unproven technology or products that fall short of performance claims.

All the required components are inside the Netray panel and more than a dozen camera types are compatible. Additional panels can be added and networked.

Accoustic Treatment for High Performance Spaces



A planned space with proper treatments will make the most of your audio experience.

The Immersa Wall Panel  seeks to be the first to “fit the form of their purpose.” While flat panels are better than nothing, they by their nature have an ideal frequency of absorption or diffusion. Because of the unique organic geometry”  within the Immersa wall there is a balance of acoustical treatment over a larger frequency band.

Adding organic forms to treat your theater or listening space make perfect sense, as not a single sound wave is flat. And there is the wonderful esthetic, these panels look great all by themselves and because they have structurally rigid fabric coverings can be affixed.

New Release From Bri-Tech Takes The Worry Out Of Electric Car Charging Time.

Electric cars are the future, but the worry about being stuck at the office without enough power to get home is right now. Bri-Tech, a world leader in home automation and cinema technology has recently developed a system to put that worry in the past.

Symbiant EVCM, an addition to their existing Symbiant Home Automation System,  is a feature that prompts the user via touch screens and text if it does not sense load on the electrical circuit feeding their vehicle.

“We’re extremely interested in clean, green technology for home and automotive use, and we’re excited that this new product may convince more people to utilize electric vehicles,” says Brian McAuliff, Senior Designer for Bri-Tech Inc.

A simple set up screen accessible from a home control panel, or smartphone, allows the user to set a  “scheduled charging detection period.” If Symbiant EVCM does not detect a proper charge within that time frame,  it sends an alert on the screens and via text, or email, to the user. It can also flash lights in the user’s home to alert that there is an issue. Symbiant EVCM logs the time of charge and can be set to alert if minimums are not met, so the user is never left without charge when headed to the office, or home. This new feature is compatible with all Symbiant systems so it can be added to existing installations easily.

5 Arguments For the Tesla


Much has been said about the unique characteristics of the Tesla, but owning one has not really been much of a consideration for typical sports car enthusiasts. Despite the sound that the car doesn’t make, the stellar performance will leave the other sports sedans behind.

Dan’s Papers Award

What does it take to be the best? In the Hamptons and on the North Fork, it takes a particular dedication to excellence, a desire to deliver the best of everything to a discerning group of residents and visitors alike who love the East End. Dan’s Papers has always celebrated the best the Hamptons and the North Fork have to offer, and nowhere is that celebration bigger than in the Dan’s Best of the Best competition.


Bri-Tech is proud to receive the Dan’s Papers Best of The Best  Platinum award for Audio/Video.


Media Sync Technology Means No More Spoilers From The Den

Media Synch, a newly released technology from home media pioneers, Bri-Tech, ensures that no matter which room youre in, the media will follow, seamlessly. 

Long Island based home media design pioneers, Bri-Tech, take pride in perfecting the often overlooked details in home entertainment. Perfect sound balance, effortless control, and carefully crafted lighting that sets the mood at the touch of a button.  The newest addition to their suite of home automation tech products is Media Sync.

“It’s the small things,” says Brian McAuliff Senior Designer for Bri-Tech Inc. “They make a big impact on the way we experience entertainment in our homes.

Media Sync enables users to go from room to room in their homes, and never encounter the media lag that causes televisions tuned to the same channel to display shows out of sync, causing an “echo” effect between rooms.

Turn your empty nest into a love nest

When you imagine living in luxury, an in-home cinema system often tops the list of “must have” items. But who has the space to dedicate a quarter of their home to a theatre?

Maybe you’ve even considered ditching the living room for a theatre, but quickly dismissed the idea as too outrageous. The good news is, you don’t need more than a spare bedroom, or furnished basement get the experience of a world class theatre right in your own home.

Couple’s theaters are rapidly becoming the “must have,” splurge for empty nesters and new retirees. They offer a bit of cinematic paradise nestled perfectly in little Johnny’s former room, or in that finished basement that doesn’t get enough use with the kids out of the house. These home theaters are perfectly tailored to your taste, and are relatively quick to install in most homes.