Technology Update: Home Theater Conversion

Does your basement need a makeover? Is that extra bedroom just taking up space? Why not convert unused space into a private home theater? Let us plan, design, and install a custom Immersa home theater to give you the ultimate cinematic experience.

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Technology Update: Home Theater Projection System

Fall in Love With Cinema Again- Flat screen panels are all the rage, but projector based systems can bring back that romantic, intimate feeling to the movie-watching experience. Your custom designed Immersa theater can become your place to go away to in your own home.

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Biometric Access Control From Bri-Tech

Bri-Tech’s Fingerprint Security Reader with touch panel or facial recognition readers eliminate the need for cards.

In addition to completing the technology for one of Long Island’s most famous museums, Parrish Art Museum, Bri-Tech has been employed to protect a number of private galleries.

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