Protect Your Personal Environment With a Home Security System


When building a home security system in your Manhattan residence, the first thing you probably think about is defending against intrusion, or remotely accessing your surveillance system. But the truth is, threats aren’t always malicious – they can frequently be the product of your environment. Protecting your home against things like carbon monoxide, fire and water damage is essential to having a connected lifestyle. With an integrated security system, you gain peace of mind.

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First Step: Carbon Protection

One of the most pressing environmental dangers is carbon monoxide. While exposure is rare, it’s potentially very threatening. Because you can’t see it, hear it or smell it, you’ll need a system that candetect it without fail.

As Bri-Tech President Brian McAuliff said in an interview with the Long Island Pulse, “Life safety should be first—smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that are connected to the system and dial a central station are of the utmost importance.” A system that alerts you with a push notification to your mobile phone makes it easy to know that your family is safe, even when you’re miles away from home.

Second Step: Fire Alarms

Whether you’ve lived in an apartment building all of your life, or you grew up in a suburban house, one thing you’ve always had is a smoke detecting fire alarm. In fact, unless you had to change the batteries, you probably never gave it a second thought. Today’s alarms and detectors, though, are far more advanced than you could imagine.

First, Bri-Tech’s alarm systems are designed with architects and fire safety professionals in mind. If you’re getting a custom system, you can rest assured that the design was submitted to the fire marshal for approval before it’s integrated into your space. Plus, a smart system works with the rest of your home security features – like smart locks and lighting – to create a safe pathway out of the house if a fire is detected.

Third Step: Flood Detection

While it’s rare that flooding and water damage is harmful to family members, a leaky pipe could end up costing you a lot in home repairs. It’s best to be prepared with a flood detection system that alerts you before problems can occur.

The two primary sources of water damage are weather and water systems. While we can’t prevent the rain, we can install a detector that lets you know when water levels reach a certain point. Particularly in areas that you don’t frequent, like an unused basement or closet, it’s essential that you have technology monitoring spaces so you know what’s going on in every corner of your home at all times.

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