Lighting Control & Building Automation

Lights, Climate, Security; without a thought, it's done.

SEMS Building Automation System

You can now upgrade your outdated building into a new "Smart Building" that allows you to use updated software to keep your building safe. By allowing users to access features such as lighting control, HVAC Control and power monitoring, all via a computer, tablet, or smartphone you have the ability to monitor your "Smart Building". You can also use integrated security and door control, if necessary.

Voiant CSM: Critical Systems Monitor

Have your very own monitoring system that allows you to regulate power, temperature, flow, and status. All systems can be monitored via computer, tablet, or smartphone. Voiant can also send text alerts as well as report status' via a text request.

Crestron Lighting

Crestron simplifies design, installation, and startup of commercial lighting control with the right products and systems designed to work for the individual needs of each space in a building and integrate easily together for enterprise-wide monitoring, management and control. Our process dramatically reduces the time required to complete each phase of a lighting control project while greatly improving efficiency and scalability.

Lutron Lighting

Lutron is committed to providing best-in-class products and solutions that offer superior performance, with world-class service and support. Whether it’s the seamless integration of Lutron light and shade control products, or integration with third-party products and systems, Lutron solutions present the reliability and convenient control required for today’s demanding applications.