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Video Surveillance
Video Analytics Systems

Video surveillance through Bri-Tech provides a tailor-made HD video camera surveillance system to meet very specific needs. Bri-Tech installs intelligent video tracking surveillance cameras that improve safety, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Video Analytics acts as the 'brains' of your systems, providing metadata that makes sense of what the cameras are seeing. This allows the cameras to sense suspicious activity and track it throughout their system. Video Analytics also provide enhanced tracking on the move, and can even detect tampering.

Because of increased amounts of false triggers in security systems, police stations have started requiring log verification to make sure they are not wasting their time and resources. Bri-Tech installed systems that include these Video Analytics features verify whether their is an intrusion or a false alarm in real time, which will improve your safety by alerting the police when there is a serious disturbance in your business.

Video Monitoring Services