VYGER Network

When reliability, speed, security and support are critical, specify a VYGER Network.

The VYGER Network is for the client that relies heavily on their home and/or office network. VYGER is developed and continually refined by the our engineers to offer the most stable platform for smart devices, computers, A/V, cameras and so much more. The number of connected devices continues to grow with every new appliance coming standard with IP technology. Unmanaged networks are feeling the strain of the ever-increasing traffic and becoming less and less reliable. Security risks and threats have become a growing concern among these unmanaged networks.

The VYGER Network's "head-end" is built in our Ready Center, which has all the key items to build a strong and reliable system. The Ready Center is the foundation of our most successful systems. Features include, but are not limited to, built-in cooling, UPS power supply, superior grounding for improved surge protection and a key-lock to limit tampering. Network components used to build a system come from leading companies such as, Pakedge, Ruckus, and more.

The key feature of the VYGER Network is the support. The network is engineered to be monitored and managed by our Tech Support Team, which will have intimate knowledge of your system, allowing them to provide optimal reliability and expedited service.