Immersa Bridge

Experience headphones for your home theater.

Immersa Bridge
Home Theater Acoustics

A stand-alone system with just the basics is sometimes the best fit. Bri-Tech offers the Immersa Bridge as a flexible option for your entertainment center that can be moved and adjusted around your home. The bridge is supported by isolation mounts that contain rubber, allowing the sound to vibrate without carrying throughout the rest of your house. This means that you can keep your sound at a lower volume and still have the home theater experience. The Immersa Bridge is the ideal way to add Surround Sound to a room without damaging the walls. Adjusts from 7-8ft height and 10-13ft wide. Other sizes and finishes available.

Immersa Bridge Elements:

  • Samsung TV
  • Integra Home Theater Receiver
  • B&W Mini Series Speakers
  • URC Universal Remote