Immersa Signature

Perfectly balanced sound designed for a perfectly immersive experience.

Immersa Signature
Home Theater System
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Marie, Setauket, NY

Getting a home movie theater was a major decision and purchase that I made in some time. I was very pleased with the professional environment of Bri-Tech. Brian and Michael took the time to go over every detail. I was allowed to be an intricate part of the design for my home movie theater. Upon completion, Brian and Michael followed through with any problem or question I might have had.

Great theater design has one goal, "Willing Suspension of Disbelief," putting you in the movie. Reaching this level of convincibility requires seamlessly integrating all of your theater's elements. Room acoustics are important and not just for sound quality, but for intelligibility and immersive surround sound. Finely tuned rooms start with strategic positioning of different types of acoustical room treatments that combine to create the perfect balance. Outside noise and distractions can be eliminated with our carefully crafted sound isolation techniques. Selection of top quality components like Bowers & Wilkins Custom Theater Speakers power through a stack of Classe amplifiers and managed by Classe's SSP800 processor provide an acoustic picture. Visually, a stunning Stewart screen that adjusts to picture formats from a SIM2 projector with anamorphic lenses stretching the image to cinema size. These elements installed and calibrated to our specifications will make for years of movie magic.

Immersa Signature Elements:

  • Stewart Cinecurve Screen
  • Sim2 Projector
  • Classe Processing and Amplification
  • Bowers & Wilkins Custom Theater Speakers
  • Crestron Controls
  • Lutron Lighting System
  • Auralex Sound Treatment