Hold Off on that IOS Update

iOs 8 may be the biggest iOs to date, and while new features seem like a good reason to upgrade, there are also some very compelling reasons to exercise restraint.

#1 Backup

Before you jump head first into an iOs upsdate, make sure all your important data is backed up! Take your time and go through your entire phone, especially if you have photos, text messages, financial information and other documents that you can’t afford to lose. Don’t rush into updates which may put your data at risk.

#2: Downgrading can be tricky, if not impossible

Once you install iOs8, you’re stuck with i. That is, unless you save “blobs” and other files, which the very vast majority of users won’t do, (let alone know about) As with other recent major iterations of iOs, it has become increasingly difficult to downgrade to earlier major versions of iOs in the event of software bugs or simple dysfunctions.

#3 Your favorite apps may break

While most developers are working hard to get their apps ready, some won’t be able to complete their changes before iOs 8 debuts on Wednesday. As a result some apps may not be compatible with the new OS right away. Waiting even a short time for your update now can reduce a lot of frustration later.