Lighting & Mood

Did you know that lighting can affect your mood and behavior? Multiple studies have been conducted on the subject of mood and lighting and many have concluded that the color and intensity of light does in fact affect us in several different ways including our physical health.

For example, poor lighting can make us feel depressed or ill. Also Poor natural lighting can trigger depression and actually has a negative effect on our immune systems. Bright artificial lighting or lighting that causes rooms to appear overly bright, makes us to feel nervous and on edge in the space. Ever notice how fast food restaurants are really bright? It is because you are more likely to eat quickly and leave.

Insufficient lighting can cause us to suffer emotional stress and even physical illness if we are exposed for long periods of time. Natural lighting through windows and skylights has calming effects on our minds and emotions.

Not only does the brightness of light affect us, but the color of light does too.

Red light can energize and stimulate our brains while blue lights can cause depression and upset circadian rhythms.

Experts suggest using dimmer switches, increasing your natural light intake and limiting your late night screen time (as most TV & computer screens emit a bluish light) in order to help improve your over all physical and mental well being.