New Release From Bri-Tech Takes The Worry Out Of Electric Car Charging Time.

Electric cars are the future, but the worry about being stuck at the office without enough power to get home is right now. Bri-Tech, a world leader in home automation and cinema technology has recently developed a system to put that worry in the past.

Symbiant EVCM, an addition to their existing Symbiant Home Automation System,  is a feature that prompts the user via touch screens and text if it does not sense load on the electrical circuit feeding their vehicle.

“We’re extremely interested in clean, green technology for home and automotive use, and we’re excited that this new product may convince more people to utilize electric vehicles,” says Brian McAuliff, Senior Designer for Bri-Tech Inc.

A simple set up screen accessible from a home control panel, or smartphone, allows the user to set a  “scheduled charging detection period.” If Symbiant EVCM does not detect a proper charge within that time frame,  it sends an alert on the screens and via text, or email, to the user. It can also flash lights in the user’s home to alert that there is an issue. Symbiant EVCM logs the time of charge and can be set to alert if minimums are not met, so the user is never left without charge when headed to the office, or home. This new feature is compatible with all Symbiant systems so it can be added to existing installations easily.