The All New Symbiant Modules

Symbiant HD, a revolutionary home-automation module from Bri-Tech, capable of being completely hidden within a narrow wall, will make it’s debut November, 2014.

A leader in home automation technology, Symbiant, a subsidiary of Bri-Tech, will soon release the newest addition to high tech, high-rise living, Symbiant HD.

The Symbiant HD (Symbiant High Density Home Automation System) is a full function home automation system, specifically designed for penthouse living, and other high-end dwellings where space is at a premium. Able to be completely hidden within an 8” wall, the Symbiant HD module offers minimal space loss, with maximal features, making it the go-to solution for architects and builders looking to get maximum ROI per square foot of living space. Symbiant HD units can also be installed into existing homes.

Included in the system are features including security, lighting, sound, privacy and climate control, all at the touch of a button. Smart phone integration and one touch control is standard, making the system an integral part of any smart home or penthouse.