Trends in Home Theatre

There are three major changes in clients’ requests for home theater and all around higher performing spaces: Clients are interested in performance and not just a cool looking room.

Acoustics: Clients have been asking that designs included acoustical design which is more than just some simple panels. These include bass diffusers and dispersion elements hidden behind stretched fabric. The room is designed in 3D and then analyzed to determine speaker placement and sound control elements. Afterwards microphones are placed in the room to digitally calibrate.


Screen Format: Cinema Scope (Wide Screen) are now more than 70% of our projects. These are much wider than the 16:9 format of today’s TV’s and require a special lenses and screen to match the true movie format. This larger field of viewing is more convincing and allows the viewer’s perspective to sense motion, which is a lot of fun for action movie lovers.


Video: Projector technology has also improved with the advent of high power LED technology. These projectors turn on and off instantly, are quiet and have stunning picture quality.


When these latest features are combined with good design principles and quality products, the result is a truly immersive experience