Turn your empty nest into a love nest

When you imagine living in luxury, an in-home cinema system often tops the list of “must have” items. But who has the space to dedicate a quarter of their home to a theatre?

Maybe you’ve even considered ditching the living room for a theatre, but quickly dismissed the idea as too outrageous. The good news is, you don’t need more than a spare bedroom, or furnished basement get the experience of a world class theatre right in your own home.

Couple’s theaters are rapidly becoming the “must have,” splurge for empty nesters and new retirees. They offer a bit of cinematic paradise nestled perfectly in little Johnny’s former room, or in that finished basement that doesn’t get enough use with the kids out of the house. These home theaters are perfectly tailored to your taste, and are relatively quick to install in most homes.

One of the biggest benefits of a smaller couples theatre is that because the room is smaller, excellent sound and picture quality is much easier to achieve than in a large, open space, so the price tag on this particular dream is probably smaller than you think.

So you can say goodbye to $30 popcorn, waiting in line, and the inconvenience of parking, and enjoy the latest movies streamed right where they belong. On the screen of your Immersa Home Cinema system, for you and your partner to enjoy.